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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bay Rap: New Eddie K.

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Be sure to check out Eddie K's new album Future Spit out on I-tunes. He is one of the most underrated rappers from the Bay. Also trip off the song he guests on for Joe's new album Praise Dirt. It features some of the Bay's best including Ad Kapone of Totally Insane and Chunk!

After dropping his group album with Brandon B, TRUNK DRANK - We Got Trunk Drank, last year S.F. vet Eddie K is back with his new solo Future Spit on Gurp City

1. Bananas 3:29
2. Grindish (feat. Philo) 4:27
3. Gurp City USA 3:21
4. She Wanna Ride (feat. Mike Marshall & Bo Rat) 4:31
5.Hustleman 4:34
6. Gurpfam (feat. Philo, Frost & John Boy) 5:58
7. Gurp All Night (feat. Lush One) 3:42
8. Ball 2 This (feat. Brandon B & Equipto) 3:35
9. Future Spit [Explicit] 4:40
10. Ready To Go (feat. CJ Story) 3:09
11. Hustleman (Remix) 4:37
12. The Game's So Easy (feat. Mac Dre & Spank Pops) 4:02
13. Last Song (Feat. Bruno, Sick Yg, Akil, A-Jax, Word Smith, Kristo & Fdog)
out 2/16

Peace to B-cause for the info and remix.


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