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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Omid on KXLU [your lucky day]

Omid – We Came From Beyond Mix 7/19/09 (KXLU 88.9)

Thanks to the old school tape trading homie mchakko the Mike Nardone/Omid show has been preserved and is now available for download. Having just listened to the mix, I can say you're in for a rare treat. My mind is blown by depth and quality of the selections.

About the mix:

I'll be filling in for Mike Nardone's "We Came From Beyond" radio show this Sunday night (july 19) from 11pm-2am on 88.9fm KXLU in Los Angeles, or you can listen live on the web at I'll be playing tons of rare stuff, such as MC Ace's (mike eric and eddie), t-spoon, nonce before they were the nonce, some of my new ish with no sleep, babazoom, plus los undergods will be up there with me with their deep record collection of early 90's, late 80's hip hop, tune in!!!

Read what Cocaine Blunts had to say here including word of a new Spoon/Omid album in the works!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have OD's older 'we came from beyond' mix???

Omid - We Came From Beyond mix (in two parts)

I'd do anything for a copy!! Got rares to trade :D

viajero1 at g mail

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey also check out Neilas Myspace page for a video about her and Xololanxinxo establishing a Good Life Cafe in Seattle!

I was surprised about Neilas voice it seems that it sharped a bit.
I never heard her live but her performance is great and I like how her voice transformed.
Just listened to her new album it's so dope I'll need a copy of it!

I nearly forgot to say thanks for your lovely blog Lauren and Joe!


1:04 AM  
Blogger anasarca said...

hungry0ne I think you can hit omid up at his myspace or facebook for the mixes, since both artist driven and his omidpages link seem to be down. they were really affordable from what I can recall! Unfortunately I never got a copy before the site went down. I still need to get that and the Goodlife mix which was a companion to the movie, as well.

Thanks for the kind words sciensky! I did see the Goodlife in Seattle thing via Facebook. :)

3:41 PM  

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