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Thursday, June 18, 2009

40 Years of KTUH: A History on the Air [trailer]

KTUH 40th Documentary Trailer from KTUH FM Honolulu on Vimeo.

KTUH the University of Hawaii's college radio station has always been a good gauge of the of what true music lover's in Hawaii are listening to. Like most college stations, the programming is much more progressive, and the commentary follows along those blurred lines. Growing up, KTUH and Radio Free Hawaii were instrumental in exposing my young mind to a veritable melting pot of music. From Nirvana and Primus to Unit 101 and Saafir, everything was devoured insatiably. Don't even get me started on the Lightsleepers show.

It's great to see this documentary finally coming together! The importance of KTUH can't be overstated. Especially back in the pre internet days when all you had was a radio and word of mouth.

By the way, vimeo has always been a little buggy for me. Try launching the clip in a new window, by hitting the word "vimeo" on the player. It always ends up loading faster that way.

Kavet's post about the documentary


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