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Friday, June 19, 2009

Slanging Tapes on Telegraph 1997 b/w 3mg's Sunsprayed video

Though I never got in to Kemetic Suns when they first came out (no exposure related), I can definitely appreciate the Bay Area scene they were born out of. This was a fleeting epoch when artists could sell their wares on Telegraph or Market, out of boxes or trunks, and really reach people on street level. Music was passed hand to hand, invalueable converstations struck up, leading to some of the best "chance" musical collaborations ever. Big thanks to Jon Paycheck for drudging up his old tapes and stories for a unique look in to this era.

"Here’s something that was featured on Cocaine Blunts a week or so ago. The late 90’s phenomenon of dirt hustlin’, slanging tapes. Videos shows independent Bay Area hip-hop artists selling their tapes and doing that hip-hop ish. Artists featured include Eclipse 427, Living Legends and DJ Vin Roc. "

Original Post on Cocaine Blunts

Did you know there was a 3MG - Sunsprayed video from 94?? I didn't.


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