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Monday, April 07, 2008

Mush Records - "Scratch and Dent" / Obama deal

I can definitely get on board with any industry practice which discourages unnecessary waste. Mush Records is offering a steal on cd's which are cosmetically damaged but otherwise play fine. On top of that they are also offering 15 "free" cd's with free shipping (!) if you donate $50 to the Barack Obama campaign. I don't typically approve of mixing art and politics but it's kind of refreshing to see a label make a stand.

Check the Mush site for details. It appears that the selection is almost everything they've ever released on cd.

The deal we are offering is 8 CDs for $10, or 15 CDs for $15! Of course prices do not include shipping, but the price per CD is really quite low when shipping multiple discs.

To place your order, visit our online store. Make sure to tell us in the comments section which CDs you want (include catalog number, artist title, and album name - just copy and paste from the titles listed below).

...Or, for those of you supporting Barack Obama for president, email us ( a conformation of a $50 donation made to his campaign, and Mush will send you 15 scratch & dent cds of your choice for FREE (we'll even pay for the shipping).

The titles we have available are listed below. As each title becomes sold out (many titles only have a few copies in scratch & dent shape) we will take it off of the list. Some of the titles will fly out quick, so place your orders early.

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