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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alpha Pup: Keeping It Independent with M-Audio [video]

M-Audio sponsored video. Daddy Kev discussing Alpha Pup with commentary by NoCanDo and edit.

I have huge respect for what Daddy Kev is doing with Alpha Pup Records. There are many small, calculated, details that I think set them apart from other labels.

With his background both with big labels AND artists on the fringe, coupled with his open embrace of technology, Kev is unrelenting in reinforcing his vision of the label. To me, Alpha Pup is about destroying the box (not just thinking outside of it), and creating workable new solutions, in an increasingly tight marketplace.

Take for instance their partnership with Terrorbird Media. Together they've created a new digital application for sharing promotional materials, cutting both costs and postal waste. Read about that here.

"Terrorbird Media has partnered with Alpha Pup Digital to develop TerrorbirdDigital, a stunning new digital radio promotion interface that goes live on January 17th. This next generation technology is both thrilling and highly functional, allowing Terrorbird to give radio stations, DJs, and tastemakers the closest possible experience to receiving a Terrorbird package in the mail."

Top to bottom involvement (see: quality control) seeps in at all levels, from in-house web and print design, photography to production, and that's just on the creative end. To me a label (music, clothing, food, whatever) requires a couple of key elements without which success will be harder to come by. Foremost you need taste and talent and a good support team. You need a vision that you won't compromise. After that there are all the x-factors that set the fledgling apart from the great; business savvy, ingenuity, hard work, intelligent risk, and commitment.

While I don't love all of their artist choices all the time, I'm still consistently impressed with the level of sophistication to which Daddy Kev attacks the game.

Also see how they are locking down the live component of the label with Low End Theory nights which have recently expanded to New York.

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