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Thursday, March 11, 2010

SFSM: Still Defiant

You gotta love P-minus dropping knowledge. Apparently this has been reissued on cd-r (a lot of people have asked us about SFSM stuff in the past) via P's Dusty Tapes series. What you know about Knot Tight??

If you love underground hip hop, then you surely keep SFSM high upon the rap altar as one of the most respected crews ever, though during their heyday they rarely got the props they deserved. This release cements them as major players in the game.

It was originally released on a 90-minute tape in 1996 as “The Defiant Ones” and then later shortened and edited in the “Still Defiant” tape. In 2002 the bonus tracks were restored and this came out briefly on cd for the first time. Now it’s back on CD-R in ATAK's “Dusty Tapes” series so it can teach hip hop history 101 to a whole new generation of fans. The disc has 28 tracks, lasts almost 71 minutes and features Chaz, Ko-1, Jess, Joe Dub, PK, AC75, Big Shawn, Shon Rich, Degree and Po’eM (Knot Tight).
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