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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Luke Sick and Grand Invincible - Ultra Limited Collector Pack

Always raising the bar Grand Invincible (Luke Sick's new group) is back with a beautiful deluxe package for their second record Cold Hand In The Dice Game. You've got to give it up for folks that still care enough to put out both quality music and packaging for their fans. If people only knew how much time, effort, nagging, blood, sweat, and tears went in to project like these!

As I always say.. you can't download passion...

Time to geek out!

Grand Invincible “Cold Hand In The Dice Game” LIMITED EDITION PACKAGE Extremely limited version of GI’s brand new 2nd album. Includes CHITDG CD, signed & numbered 11” x 11” print of the cover by Eric Kneeland, promo version of the “Purse Thieves” 12” with a handmade cover, 2 buttons, a zine, stickers, etc. Limited to 61 copies!

13 tracks to furthering the GI movement, based on the philosophy that hip-hop as an art form was best served under the technological limitations of the late-80s and early-90s and that the best hip hop records were made using records. Featuring all original artwork by Eric Kneeland inspired by 60’s horror comic books.


Oh yeah and check out their press kit.


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