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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Contra Band (Joe Dub/DJ Marz/Alex75) x Devin the Dude 7"

For the hard heads who still appreciate the smell of vinyl, we're ringing in the new year right. Asita Recordings and Easy Rider team up to release the first single off the upcoming Contra Band - Praise Dirt album.

The first track, "Electronic World," featuring Devin the Dude is a contemplation of the unexpected consequences of a world of technological convenience. Electronic World asks the question, "What kind of music comes from a place where everything is easy and nothing is earned?"

On the flip, P.S.A continues this line of questioning, serving as an anthem for those who demand more. Perhaps best summed up by this line: "home of Street music, home of hip-hop's muse, home of brave heart underdogs who dare refuse."

Pressed on limited edition vinyl. Sound clips on the site.


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