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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eddie K and Brandon B - We Got Trunk Dank [video/song]

Eddie K and Brandon B present Trunk Dank the newest project out on Gurp City. Though the names may not be familiar to some (living under a rock, or outside of the Bay), these are two of the best from the talented collective. Eddie K aka 88 has been holding it down for years, rapping for years with the Bullet Proof Space Travelers, and on his own successful solo albums.
You might best know Brandon B from the great Arizona based rap mega group Supermarket.

For the record, party raps are kind of limited to me, but they pull it off with class. Highly recommended!

Anyway, just check out the video. The single is catchy as hell. Check it out!

It's on i-tunes, people who use i-tunes.


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