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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Joe Dub beats on the relaunched BayVI site!

Please check out the newly redesigned BayVI site featuring two brand new instrumentals from Joe Dub. We attempted to contribute beats that fit the bill of being both jazzy and hard. Let us know what you think.

Bay VI is the brainchild of our friend Ron Peterson who is working tirelessly to introduce ideas of simplicity, passion, and fun back in to apparel. I think at a basic level we have the same approach to music.

"It’s the drive that makes you try over and over until you nail that trick. It’s the passion that forces you to wake up at first light no matter how tired you are because you know it’ll be good.

It’s all about that connection. And no matter how much things change, that connection will always stay the same."

The relaunched site is well worth checking out showcasing a new store, blog, and photo section.


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