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Monday, February 02, 2009

v-day lovesong challange [songs: #2]

Since I am so far behind I will be back dating my entries. Leon Ware is the oft overlooked singer song writer, responsible for producing Marvin Gaye's album "I Want You," along with a slew of other exquisite downtempo productions. *Rockin You Eternally was recently reworked by Dwele, Jazzanova, and Ware here. But nothing compares to the original. Once you hear those opening bars, your hooked!

1-"Kiss of My Life" - Sade
2-"Rockin' You Eternally" - Leon Ware

Link to the other participants here


Anonymous stylist said...

Good lookin' out on this Leon Ware, I didn't know he produced I Want You (my favorite Marvin album). It's beautiful! and I definitely agree with you on Sade...classic.

6:16 PM  
Blogger anasarca said...

Thank you for your comments! Sometimes it's difficult to tell if anyone is really absorbing these posts. nice to have some feedback. Yeah Leon is a monster. Almost all of his albums are good imo, Rockin You Eternally ranking up there at the top. Then there is Musical Massage which is epic, and I believe was recorded during the same time as "I Want You." The orchestration and arrangements are strikingly similar. If you get your hands on a copy of the repress there are also some bonus tracks that make it worth having..

12:42 PM  
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