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Friday, August 15, 2008

Delve's Records Stolen!

This story made us straight sick to our stomachs.

Please help our homie Delve recover his stolen records! The fact that this is coming from a DJ who has resisted Serato for so long makes the loss even harder to take.

At the end of the day I hope people know that it's not about material possessions. It's about the time and effort (years) it takes to procure the perfect selection. It's about the places far and wide that these records have traveled with you, the memories they've made, the many late nights and hilarious stories they've provided the soundtrack for.

You can contact Chris directly here.


Last night, 8/14, three of bags of records that I use to spin out with every week were taken from my house in Kaimuki between the hours of 330P-1030P. 2 of the bags were bigger travel bags that hold like 100-150 records and the other bag was a Stussy desert camo backpack that held like 60-75 records. A lot of the records were marked on the upper right hand corner with a white label with my handwriting.

Please keep your eye out if you're at Jellys, Stylus, etc. I've already contacted those spots to be on the lookout but I've pretty much chalked it up as an L. I would like to thank everyone who has hit me with messages of support, which really helps. Thanks so much, fam! But yeah, getting anything stolen from your home is such a feeling of violation and helplessness. What gets me personally is that I've spent years upon years of searching for alot of what was taken and its not like I can readily go and re-download everything. The point being that having this happen really hurts because I've invested so much time and effort into building this collection of music, which really all I want to do with is share it with others.

I understand that its just material things and that I have a million other records, but there is still a piece of me that is missing, and that just adds to my frustration.

I would also like to take the time out to thank my dudes Durtie Rice and DJ XL for readily offering up whatever records they could to help, and an extra sincere mahalo to Jimmy Taco who let me come by his studio and let me take a stack of vinyl. That gesture almost brought me to tears-I ain't gonna lie. That is one of the most genuine things anyone has ever done for me-especially when I was feeling so down and out. Real talk.

So please be safe when you leave and come home and if anyone sees/hears anything, please hit me up 24/7. I appreciate everyone's help and support. That really means so much to me.

chris / delve1 (architechs/ANK)


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