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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beatroot Bodega - Success!

The Beatroot Bodega was a complete success! Thanks to Kavet/Lightsleepers crew for hosting the event. While the turn out could have been better, I think this first run was a good gauge for future possibilities. The Fresh Cafe venue was really great, spacious, and not too hot after they turned up the fans. I might be getting old (or deaf) but I would have turned down the music from the dj booth just a hair. Otherwise the dj sets themselves were sick. I really loved the Controller 7 - Egg blend thing Observ did.

In total there were seven vendors selling everything from jazz, to Hawaiian, to rock, to reggae, to hip-hop. The father/son vendor team with the psych rock had some amazing pieces at good prices. That genre is basically completely missing from local record stores so it was a treat to see those titles in the "flesh," and not just online.

Hungry Ear was killing it as usual with some impossibly rare Hawaiian LP's (I've never seen that Tony Tam Sing in person and they had 2!) and the jazz guys at the first booth, had a lot of great stuff as well. Everything was reasonable.

We sold a bunch of drum breaks, punk, jazz, and funk. I think we'll do a dollar bin next time and also bring some heavier pieces too. Here's some of the stuff we sold:

Hopefully by the time Beatroot Bodega 2 rolls around the next Cali Classics release will be out by then. Thanks to all who purchased records and who love music as much as we do!


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